In the thick of all things web since the late 90s

With 22+ years of experience built alongside the constantly-changing, ever-evolving web landscape, I've become attuned to pattern recognition.

From absorbing and learning new languages and platforms, to acquiring, consuming, and working with the latest UX and UI techniques and practices, my skillsets are diverse and my style is nimble.

Creativity inspired by its execution and vice versa

Throughout my career, I've juggled playing the roles of a developer and a designer. While one aids me in envisioning the execution of the other, it's always a delicate balance - one that has led me to become an avid runner. I run 5Ks and cycle various trails to keep a clear mind.

More often than not, I return to my screen ready to pick apart and rebuild a creative or come up with an alternative way I can problem solve code.

I'm a father of a little girl named Brooklyn

My daughter's name stands for a place where I grew up; a borough of NYC. Its an area that represents and symbolizes a perfect melting pot of different cultures, ideas, and point of views - all co-existing and thriving.

I take that to heart with me every day. Becoming a father has made me a stronger thought-leader and strategic thinker by always looking at the bigger picture in every thing I work on.

User Perspective plays a significant role in how I code, design, and strategize.

Founder, BKRXY, Product Design Consulting

After spending 7+ years, being a part of multiple teams, and helping to build multiple brands and platforms at Social Media Week, I began a new chapter in my life by joining the Adweek team after they acquired Social Media Week in late 2020.

In the fall of 2022, I left Adweek and founded BKRXY, a Product Design Consulting Agency. More on that endevour in the coming months.

My Resumé

I've worked for some incredible companies composed of startups, non-profits, e-commerce companies, conference/editorial power-houses, and agencies.



Miami-based product strategy, design, and development consulting services influenced and inspired by family, work, and life.

VP, Product Design & Strategy


Working across Editorial, Marketing, Sales, Events, and Community departments at Adweek, I play a role in enhancing, improving, and solving user journey flows and interfaces for the companies web products.

  • User Experience Research
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Digital Product Design
  • Newsletter UX/UI

VP, Head of Product

I managed and lead an offshore development team in building and scaling the company's web products. In my role as Product lead, I'm accountable, decisive, and strategic as I collaborate with other department leads, along with our CEO, our co-founders, and the company's board of directors in formulating a vision and executing our collaborative strategy.

  • I lead my department in building a proprietary CMS and a private, paywalled, subscription-based community platform built with Angular and NESTJS that provides a one of a kind experience for our members to engage, discover, connect, network, support, and grow their professional and personal relationships with other like-minded working moms
  • I lead and oversee the execution of all creative and interface-based work, both designing and front-end developing our UI and UX on our new platform.
  • I prototype and create a variety of presentations that aim to provide a future-facing product strategy for all of our key stakeholders, including our executive team and the company's board of directors and investors.
  • I'm also leading the company's privacy, security, and compliance efforts in attaining SOC2 compliance. I'm managing all aspects of our newly formed vendor relationships with our IT providers, Contango IT and Vanta, who monitor all of our company policies and remaining tasks as we progressively move forward in performing our audit in the near future.

VP, Digital Product Design & Strategy


AdWeek aquired Social Media Week, my former employer, and I began a new chapter in my professional career by joining the AdWeek team.

  • Social Media Week digital product management
  • Events platform strategy and design
  • Digital product user experience and design

SVP - Head of Design & Technology

Social Media Week

Senior leader, Full-Stack Developer and Creative Director at Social Media Week, a worldwide technology and marketing conference that takes place in 30+ cities annually. Responsible for the innovative development and design of of the conference’s complex global platforms, as well as leading all aspects of event & speaker management systems, e-commerce platforms, in-house check-in software for on-site registration, subscription-based video platforms, and user management systems.

  • Designed, developed and support a complex web platform that powers the entire online conference experience and also serves as a real-time media site for the distribution of editorial content and live and on-demand video subscription services
  • Developed check-in systems for managing attendees onsite during registration and architected hardware/software equipment for printing attendee badge information with QR codes
  • Designed and developed SMW Insider (, a video subscription platform which provides access to 1000s hours of conference video content to paying subscribers, both live and and OnDemand.
  • Serve as primary brand and technical liaison for global and local teams
  • Conceptualize and design all digital and physical print creative

Consultant, Web Developer


Architected, designed, developed, and aided in marketing, a site which aids Ivy league students from Yale, Harvard, and Princeton in acquiring interview skills and in gaining employment as management consulting leaders through a vast library of video, audio and editorial content.

  • Designed and developed a subscription based OnDemand video platform
  • Developed a community based platform enabling members to interact with one another and helped grow it to over 4000 members

Web Director

Tisha Creative, LLC

Project managed, designed and developed a variety of web based content and executed social media campaigns, digital marketing strategies, and e-marketing campaigns for boutique design agency based in Hoboken, NJ, including clients such as such as Howard Stern, HBO, U.S. News, Daily News, The City of Hoboken, NY Yankees, Bass Shoes, The Sak, Rescue Ink, and Mommies 247.

  • Build a web department within a primarily print-focused creative agency
  • Launched 2 community peer-to-peer sites with well over 10k members. At the time, both sites/businesses ( and were featured on as the most exemplary examples of the platform.
  • Helped the city of Hoboken raise money after Hurricane Sandy by providing my services as a designer and developer in launch a platform that raised millions for rebuilding the city.

Co-Founder / Web Director

hMAG, Hoboken Lifestyle Magazine

I co-founded hMAG - a bi-monthly magazine, a lifestyle brand, and a member-driven community news and events platform.

  • Designed and developed a platform with a community of over 8000 accounts
  • Was instrumental in conceptualizing and bringing HMAG’s experiential platform to life, including 3 large-scale music festivals driving 10,000+ attendees, with bands such as The Walkman, School of Seven Bells, and Tokyo Police Club and sponsors such as Ben & Jerry's, GBX, Prudential Center, and the NJ Devils.
  • Helped to organize monthly mixers that brought the local Hoboken community together. Mixers were held at local communities and helped raise money for local charities.

Web / Brand Consultant

Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund

Created, designed, and developed branding collateral including logo and website for the organization, which to date has raised millions to help Hoboken residents and businesses receive financial aid after super storm Sandy.

Partner, CTO

Hoboken Mommies / Mommies 247

Designed and developed a successful mom-based social networking community, reaching 3,000 members only a few months after its launch. Established a social media presence for the site, created several e-marketing campaigns. and developed a CMS platform to aid the founders in publishing content. The platform was designed to manage members, events, articles, group discussions, classifieds, and ads.

IT, Designer, Developer

Ricatto Enterprises, East Village Development Group

Maintained and administered the company’s network and software utilizing Windows 2003 Small Business server. Created all branding elements, including designing and developing various CMS-powered web sites, logos, brochures, letterheads, and business cards. Designed, developed, and administered an interactive web site structured around a comprehensive database controlled through my own custom CMS system enabling anyone in the office to update the numerous apartment listings available under the company's privately owned buildings located in the East Village.

Author of "Livemotion 2: A Beginner's Guide

McGraw Hill

Having noticed my work with Adobe Livemotion 1, The McGraw-Hill Companies, contacted me to author a book entitled "Livemotion 2: A Beginner's Guide". The 540 page book, which took me 9 months to write was the very first book to come out after the software was released. The flash-based application released by Adobe Systems on which the book was written on, was in beta phase at the time. I not only took part in learning the new version of the software while writing the book, but also participated as an Adobe Systems beta tester for the software. The book was aimed at educating readers on creating flash-based content. The application was discontinued a year later with Adobe's purchase of Macromedia. Several interface features of Livemotion 2 are now a part of Adobe Systems' Flash software.

Art / Web Director

Designer Outlet

Designer Outlet was a startup e-commerce company offering designer apparel for women, men, and kids at a discounted price. At the peak of its span it was in direct competition with Designed and developed new features for the site, photographed and photoshopped content, and managed online inventory.


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