Hired as A Web Director

I've spent 6 years project managing, designing, and developing all web-based projects at Tisha Creative - a boutique design agency based in Hoboken. In addition I worked alongside other graphic designers at the agency in composing digital artwork for the agency's clients.

During my time at Tisha Creative, I had the privilege of launching 100s of websites, pitch to startups, non-profits, corporation, celebrity-based businesses, and even political organizations.

Televison Stars

As the agency grew, so did our reach in having clients discover us by our body of work. I had a chance to build a fan website for a National Geographic television show called Rescue Ink. The show followed a gang of tough guys who rescued pit bulls in the city.

User Peer-to-Peer Projects

After having established myself with my work on hMAG and Mommies 247; both user peer-to-peer web platforms, the agency began attracting clients seeking similar project scopes. I soon began working on complex projects requiring databased and user management systems.

Pharma being Playful

Being based out of New Jersey, we had no shortage of pharmaceutical/cosmetic-based clients; many of which, the agency had a long standing in producing print-based collateral for.

One of these companies, Croda, came to us with an idea of creating a website portraying a superhero who spoke out against hair color-loss and promoted the company's new flagship chemical formula called ChromAveil. I did not hold back in being as playful with my superhero vs villain concept which I launched for the company as a micro website.

Memorable Clients

Not every pitch went our way and we've lost bids on several projects. One which were for Howard Stern and another for HBO's Game of Thrones Season 2. Regardless, I enjoyed every moment in meeting with both clients, brainstorming strategies, and executing mockups that we've used in pitches.

I left the agency for Social Media Week in 2013.

Other Projects