Two is better then One

Crowdcentric, the parent company that owns and operates SMW, hired Lauren Astor, a fellow creative. Lauren has been instrumental in not only executing my creative strategy for the year, but also running with it and creating and establishing a style of her own within its framework.

Lauren's creative energy, her ability to not only take direction but also build upon it, has enabled me to focus on some of the other web development needs that that were needed at the start of the year. It's been a long-time coming to have another creative who's just as passionate as well as versed in the creative process as I am.

Work continues

The first physical execution of the 2020 Global Theme will occur at #SMWNYC in May. In the meantime, several of our Independent cities have already applied the creative strategy of the theme and made it their own, including SMW Lagos, SMW Hamburg, and SMW Austin.

I've also developed several key updates to the multiple platforms that power Social Media Week based on this look. I'll publish a future piece about some of the Dev work I've been working on as well as update this piece with some live executions of the 2020 look and feel.


Other Projects