How it Started

Hoboken Mommies later renamed to "Mommies 24/7" began as a client project at Tisha Creative which I spearheaded. After its launch, I took a position within the company as a CTO and began expanding the website platform on my own.

The mom-based social networking community, reached 3,000 members only a few months after its launch and continued to grow. I established a social media presence for the site, created several e-marketing campaigns. and developed a CMS platform to aid the founders in publishing content. The platform was designed to manage members, events, articles, group discussions, classifieds, and ads.

Launch Mommies 24/7 (circa 2012)

Building a Community

The website helped establish an online community of moms in Hoboken seeking connections with other moms. Each member of the site had the ability to communicate with other moms via their own private profile. Each profile had the ability of either joining groups in which specific topics were bieng discussed or connecting with other members one-on-one.

In addition, the platform featured articles, events, classifieds, and advertisements. These verticals all contrinuted to the business's revenue stream.

Franchising the Business

At one point, the member count reached well over 8,000 members and the company decided to expand and franchise.

I began laying the framework in being able to quickly and easily replicate the platform on sub-domains and re-establish mini communities on the site that were purchased by other mom-prenuers in other cities.

Other Projects