Premium offering demands a Premium interface

As the Head of Product at HeyMama, I led a partnership with a talented development team at WLCM Studio, in re-launching an existing company product with a new vision, interface, and a set of features aimed at enhancing the community experience. The product, Heymama Connect, is an exclusive digital membership subscription platform aimed at connecting working mothers.

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Product Strategy

My strategy for the product was to consolidate all existing communities scattered across Slack and Google Groups under a single proprietary web app that's safe, secure, private, exclusive, unique, and one that provides a supportive experience for it's members making them feel heard and seen.

The work that my predecessor and the dev team have started long before I came onboard, was going to be the foundation for this. Upon my arrival at the company, I hit the ground running and put forth and agressive startegy to get this done under 3 months based on a variety of critical delivery dates driven by ongoing partnership deliverables.

Product Vision

My vision for the product on the other hand, was to re-design the interface in order to provide our members with a much more immersive dashboard-like experience. In the past 2 years, desktop has become just as important as mobile based on the simple fact that we're back on our laptops with 49 browser tabs cluttering our screens.

I designed and prototyped the type of interface, in which the community can remain accessible to our members at arms reach, constantly updating, and accessible throughout the day. However, still responsive and accessible on mobile but not forcing it to be just another native app only accessible to you on your phone.

Product Management

In parallel, the challenge here was to also provide a corporate onboarding experience for giant corporate client and its female workforce while solidifying that partnership in the process. The emphasis on adding a premium value to the the product and the hard work here all under a tight deadline were all strategies heavily interwoven towards this goal.

Through great collaboration, advisory, QA, dedication, and commitment to a tight deadline, the dev team, various departments at HeyMama and I launched the product with an initial set of features mid September.

Product Evolution

The work on this product continues and I've designed and prototyped variety of features an interfaces for future evolution of the product. It's been an incredibly enlightening and profound experience to have worked on this while collaborating and strategized with the various heads of departments at HeyMama.

Here are a view front-end prototypes I've developed:


I'd like to acknowledge HeyMama's membership team, specifically our Head of Community, Penny Goffman who's pioneering ongoing relationships with various moderators who manage numerous communities on the platform, engage with our members in specific key areas based on their areas of expertice, and keep this community thriving on the new platform.

I'd also like to ackowledge Anna Klymenko, my project manager, and Lindsey Collins my mentor, advisor, collaborator, and someone who's been involved with this product long before I came on board.

If you're a working mother looking for support in both your personal and professional endevours, HeyMama Connect is an amazing community, and HeyMama Co. is a great company filled with talented, compassionate and driven women.

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